Quade Photography LLC

Nichole, the owner of Quade Photography LLC, taking photos of the mountains in Utah.

Hey there. Welcome to Quade Photography LLC!

Hi, I’m Nichole, the owner of Quade Photography LLC. Quade was my maiden name so that’s where I came up with the name for my business.

I also like to dabble in writing fiction and blogging. I plan on sharing more of my fiction here too as I write more stories. I plan on using my photos as inspiration for short stories, or maybe even longer pieces.

I participate in a lot of craft and vendor events. Here’s a link to check out when and where I’ll be if you’re interested in going. I mainly travel within an hour or so of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, at least for now. As I grow, I’m hoping to be able to travel further away and visit new locations.

I also sell my photo prints here, or on my Etsy shop. My Etsy shop also has other products such as greeting cards and postcards. I’ll be updating both regularly to reflect the products that I have in stock.

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A tree growing in a rock overlooking the canyon.

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Nichole trying to protect her camera from the rain drops.

About Me

Hi, I’m Nichole. I am a landscape photographer based in Wisconsin. I love to travel and experience new flavors and scenery. I also take my images and turn them into greeting cards, and I’m looking to expand my collection to other crafts.

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