Sunset 2/8/2021

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My work schedule for this week was slightly different than it normally is, and by some happy miracle I was done before the sunset on Monday. Before I went that day, I promised myself that if the sun was visible when I got done, I would go out with my camera.

And it was. So I braved the 3*F weather and captured some photos of the sunset. I parked in the Wiowash Trail parking lot, and crossed the street (almost falling twice, with both of my cameras), and took a few photos of a snowy field.

While out, I also made a TikTok. I’m trying to be a more consistent creator there, so every time I go out with my cameras I’m trying to make at least one. It wasn’t pleasant taking my glove off to use my phone’s camera, but I got what I needed in one take, thankfully.

I’m looking for new gloves, that are warmer, but will allow me to use my fingers better. Like gloves with a removable fingertip, if anyone has any recommendations let me know.

Sunsets aren’t my favorite time to photograph, mainly because I think sunrise tends to have more happening with less people awake. But it has been too long since I went somewhere other than my backyard for photog Despite that fact, and the cold, I’m really happy that I was able to go.

While I was taking wide shots of the whole field, I also took a few intimate shots of this stalk of wheat (tall grass?) And I really like how these turned out, almost more than the whole field.

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