No Sunrise

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Yesterday was my first day off where I didn’t go out for sunrise photography. Not that I wasn’t awake to see it (thanks to a certain orange cat who has recently decided that 5:30 was when we’re going to wake up).

The forecast said that there weren’t going to be any clouds, so the sky wouldn’t be as exciting as it is with clouds. And sunset wasn’t any more promising, so I skipped them both. It felt really weird not taking my camera out, even for a minute though.

I did however, in between errands, make a few TikToks in my front yard. The neighbors probably think I’m nuts, but that’s ok. I also saw Papa Cardinal while I was working at my desk, and I got a picture on my phone of him.

A photo of Papa Cardinal, through a very dirty window. Every time I try and get his photo outside, he flies away.

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