Sunrise Sept. 20,2021

I woke up a little bit before my alarm this morning, and I almost rolled over and went back to bed. But when I started taking my photography more seriously, a little over a year ago, I promised myself that if I made a sunrise plan, I needed to stick to it. So, I crawled out of bed and got ready to go.

I was torn between staying in Oshkosh, or going back to Fond du Lac, and the clouds were going to be promising in both areas, but I didn’t want to blog about the exact same park two weeks in a row, so I went to the park in Oshkosh that I am very familiar with.

And I’m so glad I kept my photo date with myself. I have six photos that I’m really happy with. I rarely wind up with that many from a single photo shoot, especially when I’m only out for an hour. I guess this was my reward for doing the work when I didn’t really want to.

This is the first photo I took. I like have a dark subject with a light/colorful background. The sun wasn’t up yet, but it was starting to reflect on the clouds.

The second photo has more dark than color, but I think that’s what makes the photo. I like that it is mostly black.

I love the tree hanging over the lake in this photo, and the color of the sky reflecting in the water.

I’ve recently decided that I want to take more photos of empty benches looking at the water.

These last two photos were an accident. I saw the sun rising between the clouds and I wanted a photo of the bench looking at it. And then I was doubly rewarded with the sunburst. I honestly don’t know how I did it, so I’m not sure how/if I’ll be able to recreate this again. Can anyone tell me what I did?

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