Canyonlands National Park

Yesterday we woke up early again to get to Canyonlands National Park. We were almost there when the sun began to rise, so we pulled off in a viewing area parking lot and watched it.

Once I got these two photos we kept going and found an even better spot. The clouds were more agreeable yesterday, and they played well with the sun.

I was the only weirdo looking in the sky opposite the sun.

This might be a cliché photo of the sun rays behind the mountain, but this is my first time seeing the mountains and I absolutely love it.

This photo reminds me of the Teletubbies.

After sunrise we finally made it into the park. We drove the entire park and stopped a few times for hiking. We stopped at Whale Rock and climbed to the top. And then we stopped for second breakfast and saw the view.

I honestly don’t remember where exactly this was in Canyonlands. Sorry.

After we ate, we went to Grand View Point for an almost 2 mile hike. It has an elevation of 6,080 feet, and boy was I feeling it. Either that, or I’m terribly out of shape. (Probably both). For reference, Oshkosh, Wisconsin has an elevation of 791 feet.

Canyonlands National Park.

While on our hike, I saw this cute little tree, and I had to take the shot. I’m just not quite sure which image I like better. What are your thoughts?

At the end of the trail, we stopped and rested for a while, and my husband made a new friend. We didn’t feed the wildlife, even though they were looking for food.

After Canyonlands National Park, we went back to town for lunch and to hang out. Or at least, that was the original plan. While we were in the information center looking for a map, the wind picked up and storm clouds rolled in.

We headed back to Highway 128, so we could see the clouds against the red rocks and the Colorado River, but instead of driving, we found a walking trail and we took that for a little while.

We didn’t get too far, thankfully, before the rain started, so we headed back to the car. I just carried one of my cameras on our walk, so when the rain started, I had to hide my camera under my shirt to keep it dry. It’s old and doesn’t have the weatherproofing technology.

Tomorrow I’ll blog about our trip to Capital Reef National Park.

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  1. Nice post, Nicole! We were just there a few months ago and it’s fascinating to see and read the perspective of others. We also got rain at Canyonlands, and waited it out for a sunny and beautiful afternoon. Beautiful photos!

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