Capitol Reef National Park

Yesterday we got a late start. We slept in and ate breakfast downtown while we tried to figure out what we wanted to see. After changing our minds three times, we finally decided to take the 140 mile trip to Capitol Reef National Park.

We saw the mountains and other rock formations, on the way, along with a lot of nothing. We didn’t stop along the way, so I’m honestly surprised at how well these two photos turned out through the window.

Once we got there we stopped for a picnic lunch and then walked along the Fremont River. We stopped at the Gifford Homestead for pie and ice cream.

After our tasty treat, we stopped to see the petroglyph panel. It was a game of eye spy, and we think we saw them all. It was a neat experience, and not something that I’ve ever done before yesterday.

The petroglyphs.

The last thing we did at Capitol Reef was hike the Hickman Bridge Trail. Here are a few photos of the view.

One of the views from the trail.
Hickman Bridge

After this hike, we went back to Moab. We spent the two hour car ride from Capitol Reef National Park playing the alphabet game. We someone managed to find all the letters, even though the billboards were few and far between.

Tomorrow I’ll blog about our search for dinosaurs and how we spent the day getting lost in the desert.

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