We Got Lost in the Desert…Again

This is the second part of what we did on Thursday. Here’s part one in case you missed it. In the afternoon we drove up to Dead Horse Point State Park, and wound up not on the trail…again. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

The view of the canyon.

We drove up to the visitor center and hiked the west rim trail, all the way to Dead Horse Point. It was about a mile and a half hike, and by the end we were feeling it.

The salt mine.

The vibrant blue water is a mining technique. They fill the pond with water and then it evaporates and they have salt. It’s bright blue to speed up the evaporation.

A single tree on the edge of the rim,

This trip has accentuated my interest in taking minimal photos of trees. I’m enjoying finding lonely trees hanging out by the edge of the canyons.

The Colorado River.

The view near the end of the west rim trail. Initially, we were going to continue along the trail and make a loop back to the visitor center, but we had a hard time following the trail/finding the trail, and we didn’t want to be those people, so we turned around and went the way we came.

I’ll have two more blog posts featuring Utah, but we’re flying back home tomorrow and not sure if I’ll have time to blog. But I’ll post them both ASAP once we get back into our normal routine.

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