Sunrise in the Desert

Before we really planned this trip, I somehow managed to convince my husband to take me out for a sunrise photo shoot. Thursday, he made good on his word and we woke up well before the sun for one last trip to Arches National Park.

I was very indecisive as to where I wanted to go in the park, and finally I settled on going to the Delicate Arches. Unfortunately for me, the sun didn’t rise by them. So I don’t have any sunrise photos of the arches.

The clouds were really pretty though, so I was able to get some photos that I am relatively happy with.

Once the sun was too high, we left our spot and went back toward the park entrance. We stopped at the first place we stopped at on the first day, and I got a few more pictures.

The clouds were cooperating all morning, creating a moody atmosphere.
The clouds behind the red rocks.

These next two photos are the last ones I took in Arches National Park. I can’t get over the way the sun plays with the snow-capped peaks.

I have one more blog post featuring Utah. After that, what would you guys like me to blog about? Let me know in the comments.

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