Antelope Island

This was our last day in Utah and the only thing on the agenda was driving out to Antelope Island in the middle of Salt Lake. We were there for at least five hours, and had a great time hiking, taking photos, making TikToks, and even dipping our toes in the water.

Mountains, lake, tall grass, clouds, and blue sky; we couldn’t have asked for a better day.

The sun was pretty high in the sky by the time we got there in late morning, but the clouds helped make for more interesting photos.

When we paid for our park pass, we were given a map. On that map there were several warnings about the bison. They are very big, very fast, and very aggressive, so we didn’t want to get too close, even though I wanted to pet them. When they were first introduced to the island, there were only 12. But today, there are over 600 bison.


I’m not sure if we got lucky by seeing mist on the lake, or if that was just how it looks everyday and that is evaporation that we saw, but either way, it made for a moody look on the water. Does anyone know?

I don’t normally like to include human elements to my photos, being a landscape photographer and all. But I’m glad I made an exception to that to capture this trail leading the eye up to the mountains in background. I might try and do more of that at local parks now that I have a taste for it.

The trail we hiked.

After hiking along one of the trails, trying not to spook the bison, we walked for what seemed like forever to get to the lake. It looked like a lot of the water had evaporated, creating a really wide, rocky beach, but we finally arrived at the water. As we got close, I saw these rocks and had to take a picture of them. (And make a TikTok).

The rocks in the Salt Lake.

When we had seen all there was to see at Antelope Island, we headed back to our hotel to pack up all our stuff for the long day of flying on our anniversary. I’ll post all the photos from Utah on my Facebook page if you want to go back and look at them.

I hope you enjoyed following our Utah adventure, and I can’t wait to share our next big travel week next summer (I think). Next week we’ll be back to our normal, Wisconsin photography, unless the weather is too lousy to go out. But I’m thinking about going to a new location for sunrise.

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