Black and White Photo of the Week

When we were in Utah, I promised that I was going to start a new blog series of black and white photos. And while we were there, I took eight that would do well to kickstart this project. And I had every intention of doing that, until I went through the rest of my photos and saw this one.

A white flower among tall grass and lily pads.
This single white flower pops amidst all the gay lily pads and tall grass.

I took this photo when we went to visit my folks back in August. It was on our last day back home, and we were actually on our way back to Oshkosh when we stopped for this photo. (I thought I had blogged about this particular spot, but apparently not. I did share a few images on my Instagram though).

When I saw it in color, I wasn’t that impressed with it. It was too busy for my taste, and I felt that I had stronger images from that location. It wasn’t the photo I was looking for when I took it, and I almost deleted it.

But when I was going through my photos to add more to this series, this is the one that stood out the most. The single white flower pops amidst all the gray grass and lily pads, draws your eye to it. Almost forcing you to ignore the mess.

Even though I adore this photo in black and white, I still find it too messy. So, I probably won’t do much with it after this. However, I did want to share it with you guys to get your thoughts on it.

Do you think it’s too messy? Do you think it works anyway? Comment your thoughts below.

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