I’m Dreaming of a White Picket Fence for my She Shed

Ok so, I’m not really dreaming of a white picket fence in front of my she shed. But I am dreaming of my she shed. A space a call my own, where I can leave my photography gear set up and out of the way.

I mentioned this to my husband again tonight, just feeling him out and seeing if it could happen someday, and he said as long as I could wait a few years it would probably be doable. We have other house projects that are more of a priority, so I can wait. I’ve been doing a lot of waiting for things I want lately, so I think I’m getting better at it. Maybe?

Anyway, as of right now, this is what I want my she shed/photo studio to look like.


It doesn’t need to be very big. Just 10 feet by 10 feet I think. That should be plenty of space for what I want to do.

I want a couple of windows to let in some sunlight. I’m thinking on two of the three exterior walls that I’ll have. The fourth wall is going to be a room divider so we can store all of our season yard equipment when we’re not using it.

Our current shed situation is not on a foundation, so the critters have gotten into it. So, we are for sure going to get a concrete slab poured for this project.

We’re also considering solar power. I’ve got a lot of things that I want to plug in, and solar power is probably the cheapest way to do that, in the long run.


For the interior wall I would like a build in book case. I have a lot of books that are business, photography, or writing related, and I want to keep them all where I plan on working so I can reference them quickly.

I want to have a table running the length of the second wall. I’m going to use that space to do my product photography for my greeting cards. I also plan on making my greeting cards there too. I want to be able to keep my tripod and greeting card supplies out without them being in the way.

I plan on either moving my current desk, or getting a new desk and putting it against the third wall. That way I can do all of my admin tasks out there too.

The fourth wall is where I plan on putting my electric fire place, and my kitchenette supplies. I want to have a coffee maker, mini-fridge, microwave, and a few dishes. That way, I can have hot coffee without having to go back to the house every so often to refill it.


As of right now, I want two walls to be black with one of those being chalkboard paint. I’m not sure what color I want the book case to be. Would that look ok black? Otherwise I’ll leave it whatever wood we wind up using. Maybe a nice oak? Anyway, the fourth wall is going to be a reddish-purple.

I also want to get a few plants to kill. My thumb isn’t even a little bit green, but maybe if there isn’t a cat playing with them they might stand a chance. But the plants need to be able to survive the cold weather as the heater won’t be on all the time. Any thoughts? I might have to go the fake plant route. This is what I want my she shed/photo studio to look like as of right now. I’ll keep you all posted as the project evolves, and starts to happen. I’ll give you a photo tour of it when I have it set up and decorated how I want.

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