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Before I get started, I promise I’m going on a photo adventure soon. I haven’t taken my camera since we’ve been back from Utah. I’m hoping to go out Saturday morning before a craft fair. Today, I want to blog about my whys. Here are the whys I’m going to discuss.

  • Why did I choose photography in the first place
  • Niche
  • Camera Choice
  • Why I opened my own photography business

Why Did I Choose Photography in the First Place?

I’ve always been interested in cameras and photography, pretty much since I was old enough to hold a camera and push the buttons. In high school I had my own camera and I played around with it. While I was in college, my academic advisor suggested that I pursue photography, either as an art major or journalism major. And I can’t draw to save my life.


I am a landscape/nature photographer for three (probably more) reasons.

  1. I like to travel, and I love seeing new things and photographing them. And I can use my photography business as an excuse to go places we wouldn’t normally consider going to.
  2. By photographing landscapes, if I mess up, I can always go back and shoot the location again. But if I photograph people and mess up, it’s a huge ordeal, that I honestly don’t want to deal with.
  3. I’ve been photographing landscapes and nature since I was in high school, and I’ve always loved it. And why change if I’m happy with what I do?

Camera Choice

For my second photography class in college we were highly encouraged to buy our own cameras instead of using the ones the university had. Along with that encouragement, came a list of cameras that my professor suggested.

That list included Cannon and Nikon, and while I was looking at the specific options, I finally settled on a Nikon. And I loved it so much that I stuck with Nikon. And now I have three. Although to be fair, my first Nikon is the camera that my husband uses when we go on photography adventures.

I Chose to Open My Own Photography Business

I opened my own photography business for several reasons.

  1. The main reason I chose to open my own business, is because I want to be able to make my own decisions, and I want full control over my photography.
  2. I want to be able to work when I want. I have to work around my day job, and it’s easier to work for myself in addition to that, than to work for someone else.
  3. By opening my own business, I can photograph what I want. If I don’t want to photograph something, I can say no, and I have said no to certain jobs.
  4. I can decide what products I have on my shop. My post yesterday mentioned crafts that I want to try and make, and if it turns out that I hate making all of them, then I don’t have to.
  5. My success or failure is entirely on me. I don’t have to worry about losing my job, because I’m the boss. If something isn’t working, I can change it without disappointing too many people.

What other whys do you want me to talk about? Ask me anything and I’ll do my best to answer. What are some of your whys? Leave your comments below.

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  1. I can totally understand why you like being in business for yourself! I love photography, but I just do it for fun. I’m enjoying learning at my own pace, and trying creative things with no pressure. Now I started making Shutterfly books with some of my photos. I add inspirational words or my own interpretation of bible verses, and I’ve given a few away. I just like bringing a little bit if joy to myself and others.

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