Getting Ready for a Craft Fair

I’ve only been to two craft fairs as a vendor since I’ve opened my photography business. Covid shut everything down there for awhile, but I’m hoping to do more of them next year. I still have two more by the end of this year that I’m going to, and the first one is tomorrow, and the second one is in the middle of December.

I’m able to set up tonight, so after work, I recruited my husband to help me with the tables and my products so he doesn’t have to help me early tomorrow morning. I’ll share a picture of my set up on Instagram later tonight or tomorrow morning.

I also have to spend tonight putting the finishing touches on a few of my products, once we have the bulk of them set up and ready for tomorrow. Here is the list of things I have to do yet tonight.

  1. Tie my Christmas cards together
  2. Price my products
  3. Put prints in plastic sleeves
  4. Find a Christmas table runner

Tie my Christmas Cards Together

I’m selling my Christmas cards in groups of 6, and I want to tie them together in Christmas ribbon. I thought it would look cute tied together.

These are all the Christmas cards I need to tie together for the craft fair tomorrow.
These are all the Christmas cards I need to tie together.

Price my Products

I need to make sure that my prices at the fair are the same as on Etsy, and I don’t think they are. I’ll probably wrap that up in the morning though. It makes more sense to unpack my products once when I set them up.

Put Prints in Plastic Sleeves

I received a few more prints from Shutterfly that need to be put in sleeves and then in my binder.

Find a Christmas Table Runner

I only grabbed two table cloths, but I have three tables. So, I was going to put a table runner on one of them as a decoration.

I feel like I’m forgetting something for this craft fair, but I’m not quite sure what. Hopefully it wasn’t important. I’ll let you know tomorrow evening how it went. Any tips for a newbie?

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