Sunrise: December 14, 2021

Earlier this week, I went out for sunrise. I almost didn’t go because my bed was warm and comfy, and outside wasn’t. But I dragged myself out anyway. My weather app said that the clouds were going to be favorable, so I really needed to go, and in all honesty, it wasn’t terribly cold out. I’ve gone out in colder weather.

Initially I was going to go to a trail that I frequent I the summer. But when I got there I realized the sun was in the wrong position for the photos I wanted to take.

I left that parking lot in a rush and tried to figure out where I wanted to go. I didn’t want to go to Asylum Bay, because I was just there a few weeks ago, and I didn’t have time to go to another park on the other side of town.

While I was driving, I decided to go up going to a park around the block from my house. I wasn’t totally sold on the location, but I wanted to have something to show for my efforts.

I walked up a small hill and watched the sunrise from a higher vantage point. Once I captured a photo I was happy with, I moved on.

The view from the top of a hill in the park.
The first photo I took of sunrise.

I saw a birch tree that looked cool, but the photos didn’t turn out. I’m going to try again at sunset when the sky will be more favorable in the right direction. While I was looking at the birch tree, I saw another one that I also enjoyed.

This is an image of a tree at sunrise.
A cool looking tree.

After I captured my tree photos, the pink in the sky started to clear up. I considered going home, but wanted one more image. The clouds were still interesting, and I saw the tall grass poking through the snow in a prairie.

The tall grass poking through the snow.
The tall grass poking through the snow.

Taking photos of the tall grass through the snow is one of my favorite winter subjects. Especially if the sun is playing with the clouds in a fun, exciting way like they do at sunrise or sunset.

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