There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays

Late Thursday night, my husband and I traveled back home for the holiday weekend. After running a few errands, we went out in the afternoon with my camera. Our first stop was to visit my lake. Having grown up on Lake Superior, I have been calling it mine for a long time.

The lake is starting to freeze over, so I was able to walk out on it a little bit, but, I didn’t want to venture out too far, just in case. It’s cold in the summer, much less when there’s ice on it.

A few rocks showing through the ice of Lake Superior.
A few rocks poking through the ice.

We frequent this park every time we come for a visit home, and I always want to take a photo of this tree and shoreline but the sky is never cooperating, because I can’t drag myself out of bed in time for sunrise. It was an overcast day yesterday, and I was able to center the tree in the frame without getting soaking wet. Although, I don’t mind wading in the lake.

This is a tree and shoreline that we frequent whenever we go home.
My favorite tree and shoreline while at home.

After I took some photos of Lake Superior, I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to take some photos that I can put on holiday cards. And while he warmed up my car, I looked across the street and thought this composition could work for that.

Several pine trees, and snow across the street from the park.
The view across the street from the park.

With out new mission of looking for holiday scenes we left my lake and went to another park further down the road. I took several photos of the pines and the snow, but after looking at them, I’m not totally sold on any of them.

Except the one below. This photo is my favorite of the day, I think. Which is surprising since there is no lake in the scene. (I am a sucker for lake photography). I love the birch trees on the left of the frame, and the tall grass and snow on the right. The hint of the sun behind all the clouds was a pleasant surprise after the gray from the morning.

A winter scene at a park back home.
A winter scene at a park by my parents’ house.

I’m not sure if this is holiday photo I was looking for, or if I’ll add that to the collection, but I still love it, and can’t wait to see it printed. Which one of these is your favorite?

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