How I Stay Fit for Photography

Landscape photography is a physically demanding career path. There is a lot of crouching, bending, stretching, and other moving. Not to mention all of the walking, hiking, and heavy gear that is needed. So how do I stay fit for photography? Well, I’ll admit, I’ve been slacking in that department lately. However, I’m in the process of creating a routine that I can hopefully stick to.

The three exercises that I enjoy doing are yoga, riding my bike, and hiking.


I practice yoga mainly in the winter, when I can’t take my bike out. I get a fire going in my living room so it stays nice and warm. My cat sometimes joins me, which makes yoga more interesting. My favorite routine is Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. I try my best to follow along with her. She has a lot of varying routines, depending on what you want to do.

Riding my Bike

In the summer, I like to take my bike out to a park that is around the block from my house. There is also a trail close by that I like to take sometimes. I also use my bike ride as an excuse to take my camera out. It’s nice to be able to cover more ground and see more, and taking photos is a nice break from riding my bike.


When we were in Utah, I recently discovered my enjoyment of hiking. This is probably another summer activity. Wisconsin has a lot of state parks where I could go hiking. It won’t be the same as the mountains in Utah, but that might be for the best. The elevation was way too much for me.  

Those are the three things I like to do to stay fit for photography. I’m thinking about looking for a workout routine that is made for nerds. Have you seen the ones that show you how to train to be a Jedi or Avenger? I think those might be fun to do too.  

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