Photo Shoot for Greeting Cards

I spent some time this evening taking photos for my greeting cards. I’m in the process of expanding my holiday card line, to have more than just three photos for Christmas cards. Tonight, I took a few more Christmas photos, but I’m only really happy with how one of them turned out. I think I might have to wait until the end of the year to expand that line more.

Two small candy canes arranged together to make a heart. A cute, and simple image for greeting cards.
One of my Christmas card photos that I took this evening. It’s cute, but could maybe use more interest.

I’m happy with this photo, but I think it’s a little plain. I need to add more to it to make it more interesting. Maybe some pine needles? Or a cup of hot cocoa? What are your thoughts?

I also took a few photos for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot by way of interesting decor for those greeting cards. All I really have at the moment is a bag of those candy hearts. You know, the ones that have cutesy sayings on them, like “Be Mine” or “XOXO”. So, I took a few photos of them.

A few handfuls of candy hearts arranged for Valentine's Day greeting cards.
My Valentine’s Day greeting card photo.

I need a few more images to include in my Valentine’s Day cards. Maybe I can find a few natural hearts. I’ll have to pay close attention when I go out photographing landscapes.

I’m thinking about making birthday cards soon too. I have a few photos of a cupcake with sprinkles. I’ll need to think about other images for that line. Are there other holidays that I should photograph? What holidays do you send cards out to?

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