Finding Local Inspiration

Not every day can be an exciting photography adventure to new and exotic lands. Sometimes, actually, most of the time, you’ll have to stay in your home town. So, how do you find local inspiration? It’s not always easy to photograph the same landscapes day after day. Here’s a list of five things that I do.

  1. Look for parks
  2. Go at different times
  3. Do photo challenges
  4. Go for a photography walk
  5. Look in your own backyard

Look for Parks

I like to go to parks for sunrise. There are a few by me that have interesting scenery. I also prefer to park in a designated parking lot versus the side of the road, especially when the sun isn’t out.

Go at Different Times

Sunset will look different than sunrise. So, I try to go to my favorite locations at both times so I can get the different perspectives. You can also go at different times of the year to capture the changing of the seasons.

Do Photo Challenges

Look for photo challenges on Pinterest, or ask your friends on Facebook to challenge you. Pinterest has a lot of ideas for photo challenges, just search there for some that would interest you. I’m trying to do at least one a month this year, and I’ll be looking in both places for inspiration.

Go for a Photography Walk

I also enjoy taking my camera on a photography walk or bike ride. It’s an opportunity to get some exercise, and see things I normally wouldn’t see. I can also stop and take my time to get different angles of the same topic.  

Look in Your Own Backyard

Every now and then, I’ll take my camera out in my backyard. We feed the birds, so sometimes I get lucky and I capture a few photos of them. We also have several trees and flowers. Sometimes I practice macro photography with the small items in our yard.

A chipmunk with his mouth full of food.
I captured this image in my backyard while I was practicing with my camera.

Those are five things that I do to find local inspiration. What are some things that you do to stay inspired when you can’t travel?

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