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I’m going to be starting a new project later this week, that will hopefully help me save valuable space on my tables at craft fairs. I’m calling it a photo display book, but basically it’s a scrapbook.

I want to show the available sizes of each image on a two-page spread, so people can see how each image looks and compare. It will also help prevent people from having to flip through six copies of the same image before they see the next one.

Each two-page spread may have a few sentences about the photo. I haven’t fully committed to this idea, even though I need to write all this down for my website anyway. My printer is down right now, and my handwriting isn’t the best. Although, if I handwrite the descriptions, it might give this book a more personal touch.

A two-page spread of my photo book.
This is how I’m planning on laying out my photo book. Those are the pens I’m going to use to write my photo ID and descriptions.

While I wait for my photo prints to come in, I’m also in the process of renumbering my inventory. I want the order to have more of a logical flow, rather than appearing random. I just need to come up with that logical order. Maybe my images can start with sunrise photos, and progress through a day, ending with sunset photos. Or I can order them by topic. A third option is by location. What are your thoughts?

Once I have this photo book finished, I’ll create a TikTok of it. I can also share it on my Instagram if you’d rather see it there. I’m planning on having it finished by the end of next week.

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