Black and White Photo of the Week-Mountains on a Cloudy Day

I know, another post without any new photos? Really? I promise, I’m going to go out with my camera on Friday. We’ve been dealing with a cold and Covid at our house these past two weeks. Lucky us right?! So, while we’re both recovering, I thought I’d look back at some of my photos of the mountains.

While I was looking at those photos, I realized that I haven’t shared a black and white photo in quite some time. So, I chose this one from our trip out west a few months ago.

The mountains and tufts of grass on a cloudy day. This is a black and white image.
The mountains in Utah on a cloudy day

The color in the sky was pretty flat, as I recall, even with the clouds, so I tried it in black and white, and I was much happier with the outcome. The snow on the mountain peaks also seems to pop more against the gray sky than it did against the blue.

However, I wish the tufts of grass were a little more defined in this photo. I could maybe fix that with more editing. I just need to get the software for that.

What is your black and white photo of the week? Is it of the mountains? Either tag me in your own blog post or comment below. I’d love to see them.

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