January in Review

January didn’t quite go as planned. There were a few ups and a few downs, but that’s usually how these things go.

January Review

  • I only took my camera out twice. The entire month. It didn’t help that I spent the majority of January sick, which tends to be a theme when it comes to my health. So I’ve been trying to stay inside and recover so I can go out more in February.
  • Since I haven’t gone out much, I also haven’t made many TikToks. However, my other content goals for the month were pretty much met. I only missed a few days.
  • I attended a few vendor events this month, and I was able to make a little bit of money. Just not quite as much as I would have liked.

February Goals

  • I want to take my camera out more often than never. The sun is setting later with each day, so it shouldn’t be a mad rush getting home to pick up my camera. I also only have one vendor event so I can go out for sunrise four times.
  • I plan on making more content. Going out for photo shoots will help with that. I’ll have more to write about, more opportunities to make TikToks, and more photos to share on Instagram.
  • I’m going to try and get my blog posts written up ahead of time. That way I won’t have to worry about what I’m going to write each week.
  • I’m also considering posting more that twice a week. I want to do better with my online presence. My blog is a stream of income that I want to grow.
  • I also want to promote my Etsy shop. It is another stream of income that needs to grow.

How did your January go? What are your goals for February? I’d love to hear from you about your plans.

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