Back Up Those Files, Kids

I’ve hesitated to post this. I’ve written it a few times, and then deleted it, before I got very far. I’m not posting this to get sympathy or advice, I just wanted to let you all know why I haven’t posted in a few weeks.

Two weeks ago, my laptop decided that it had had enough of my shenanigans. The black screen of doom appeared, and I couldn’t fix it. I brought it to my new friends at Computer World, and they said the screen needed to be replaced. On a five year old machine. I decided to just get a new laptop, which could take awhile to arrive.

So, here are a few things that I’m changing since my computer failure.

  • I’m keeping a paper backup of my important information. I have a journal designated just for my business and I’m going to keep track of my miles, content ideas, photo locations, inventory, and to do lists there as well as on my computer.
  • I’m backing up my files every month. I don’t know when the last backup was, but I know it was too long ago.

Along with creating a new system to be less dependent on my computer, here are a few things I’ve been doing.

  • Taking photos. I’ve gone out a few times since my computer crashed. And once I have my new one, I’ll blog about those adventures.
  • Working on my projects. I’m slowly but surely making progress on my photo display book. I’m also in the process of matting some of my larger photos.

I’ll try and blog on my phone over the next couple of weeks, but there probably won’t be any photos for a while.  You can check out my Instagram to see photos that I take with my phone. It’s not the same, I know,  but it’s all I can really do at the moment.

Has this devastation ever happened to you? How did you recover? What steps are you taking in case it does happen?

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  1. Wow, that’s tough losing your documents like that. I’m so sorry! I ran out of space on my laptop for all my crazy photos, so I bought a 2 Tarabite back up that I leave plugged into my laptop that I pretty much save all my photos to now. And I’ve moved a lot from my laptop over to the backup. I also keep all my vacation camara cards after downloading onto my computer/backup drive. I stash them away. I also have a second 2T back up because I want to be able to take one on vacation and I want, yeah, a back up!! Ha! It got confusing thought because not everything is on both back ups so now I need to copy some stuff over before my next vacation.

      • The cards are so much cheaper than they used to be. I buy multi packs from Amazon before I go on vacation. And you can buy the little plastic cases that you can put the cards in and label. I don’t know how many years the card will hold up. But it’s a decent back up plan 😊

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