February Review

I tried to do better in February than I did in January, and I was on track initially. But then my computer broke. So I’ve had to readjust everything and work around the technology issue. Hopefully I won’t have to wait too much longer for my replacement.

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to think of other content to create on my blog. I’m thinking about writing short stories using my photos as inspiration. What are your thoughts? I’ve been writing blog posts on paper about my adventures in February, so when I can finally upload photos I’ll be ready to go.

I took most of February off from craft fairs, and my next one is on the 12th of March, so I’ve been getting ready for those to start up again.

I’ve made a few tiktoks, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to post them with what’s been going on lately. I really should just post them and be done debating with myself on that.

For March, I plan on doing a few things.

  • Brainstorm blog content. I need to come up with more content that is easy to post from my phone.
  • Continue to go on photo adventures. I’ll just write up my content like I have been doing, and when I can post I will.
  • Come up with more social media content ideas. Luckily I took a picture with my phone of all the things I wanted to post, now I just have to go through it and rearrange some things.
  • Finish the projects that I have started. I’ve got several projects that I’m working on, and a few more that I want to start. I have a massive to do list, and I haven’t crossed anything off of it lately.

How did your February go? What’s your plan for March?

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