February Photo Challenge

I asked my Facebook group what I should photograph in February. Since it was Valentine’s Day and my birthday, I gave them the choice between the two options. Then one of my members added the poll option suggesting I do both. And that option won.

So I gave the people what they wanted and I took photos of both.

Valentine’s Day Photo Challenge

For Valentine’s Day, I took a photo of my mini rose bush that I had just gotten. I’m not really a fan of how it turned out, but it’s fine. Maybe I’ll try again once it blooms.

My mini rose bush, part one of my February photo challenge.
My mini rose bush.

Birthday Photo Challenge

But for my birthday, I was stumped.

I originally wanted to photograph a cupcake or a present, but I didn’t want to be weird at our family celebration, and I couldn’t find a single cupcake. My husband doesn’t really eat desserts, and I don’t need to be eating 12 cupcakes by myself. So I waited and kept thinking of other photo opportunities for birthday photos.

I consider photographing a handful of birthday candles, but it wasn’t really the vibe that I was going for, so I abandoned that one too. Then a week or so later, I looked through the bakery department at the grocery store to see what they had, and I found a small cake that was decorated for a birthday. So I bought it.

I took several photos of it. Some without a candle, some with one, a few with the candle lit, and a few with the candle lit with no flash.

My favorite photo from my February challenge is the third one in this gallery. How about you? Which is your favorite? If you want to get in on my photo challenges, you can join my Facebook group. I look forward to seeing you there.

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