February Sunset 2022

On the same day my laptop died (this will be the last time I mention this, I hope) I went out to photograph the chilly February sunset and make a few TikToks. I wasn’t originally planning on going out that night, but the sky looked cool on my way home from the day job. So, after getting settled in for the night, I quickly bundled up and grabbed my camera gear to go out again.

I went to my usual spot for photographing sunsets. When I arrived at my destination, I realized that most of my camera batteries were dead. Which actually turned out ok, since its was only 14* Fahrenheit.

The cold normally wouldn’t have bothered me, but I had to take my gloves off to make TikToks. My poor fingers were so cold, and I honestly only used one of the videos I took.

But the cold and the dead batteries motivated me to hurry up and take my photos quickly. And once I got my shots, I hurried back to my car. I turned the heat on full blast and waited for it to warm up a little before I headed home.

The second I got home, I took my spare batteries out of the upper compartment of my backpack and I started charging them. And apparently, the photos didn’t stay on my camera? Which I didn’t notice until now. We’ll blame the dead batteries on that one. I was really hoping to share them with you, which is why I waited to write this post until now. I guess this is just an excuse to go back next year to capture that February sunset.

Do you have a favorite spot that you find yourself going to a lot? Some place you go to that’s close to home for when you have to get the photos quickly before the sun goes down? I’d love to read about it in the comments below.

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