March Sunset

A bird in the sky at sunset.

I had not intended on going on a photo adventure that evening in early March. I had dinner plans with my family at their house, and I like to visit before we eat. But I saw the sky from my kitchen window and I made the quick decision to go.

I asked if they minded if I took photos in their backyard. They said dinner wasn’t done cooking yet, so I was more that welcome to take some photos. So, I grabbed my gear and headed out.

I kept an eye on the sun the entire drive over there, hoping that it would cooperate. But the closer I got, the more I realized that it wasn’t going to. When I got to their house, I took my camera out anyway. There are several trees in the field across the street that I’ve been wanting to photograph for a long time. The sky was cloudy and moody by that tree so it made for a more interesting composition.

Several trees in a field.
Several trees in a field. I love the contrast of the gray sky against the yellow remains of last year’s crops.

Once I captured that photo, I walked around to the back of their yard to see what I saw. I wasn’t sure if anything would look interesting, but I wanted to take a look. My love of tall grass saw the color of the sky making for a nice contrast to the weeds. I took a few photos at different focal lengths and angles to find the perfect shot. I made a TikTok of that area, and I posted it which was the first one I’ve posted since mid-February. That post got me over 100 followers, which made my day.

The tall grass against the sunset.
I got as low to the ground as I could without actually sitting in the wet mud to capture this photo.

What is one thing that you always seem to photograph? Something that seems strange to other people, but you just can’t help yourself?

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