March Snowstorm

One morning in early March, I woke up to a snowstorm. Thankfully, I made it to the day job in one piece. But the snow kept coming. I think it finally stopped around noon maybe? I know that it was for sure done before I left for home. Anyway, none of that was really important to the story.

On my way home, I saw several sights that looked better covered in snow, and I debated whether I should drive back with my camera. I wanted to capture the snow since it will (hopefully) be the last time I see it until the end of the year, but I didn’t really want to drive again. I’m trying to take my camera out more often than never, and I’ve been neglecting my business for far too long. So I compromised and wandered around my backyard for twenty minutes or so.

My First Image

My first image was a stick stuck in the middle of a huge puddle on the edge of our yard and the neighbor’s yard. It’s actually a low spot that floods every year, more than a puddle. I have always enjoyed photographing this area when I stay home. And this is usually the first place I look.

A stick in the water.
This is a low spot in the area between our yard and the neighbor’s yard. It floods every year

My Second Image

Then I walked around to the front out our house and I saw our cedar bushes with a blanket of snow on them. I thought that that composition would make for a cute holiday card, so I tried to angle myself in such a way that our house wasn’t in the photo. And then I walked a little further and saw the opening between the shrubs and our house, so I took more photos. The birds weren’t too happy with me being there, so I moved on.

The branches of our cedar bush after our March snowstorm.
I looked up through the branches of the cedar bush to capture this photo.

My Third Image

My third and final image was a little pine tree. We had planted it a few years ago, and I knew I had to take a photo of it. Once I got that shot, I started to head back in. But then I realized that I hadn’t made any TikToks. So I walked in reverse to make them.

Our little pine tree in the snow.
Our baby pine tree in the snow. I’m looking forward to photographing this tree as it gets bigger.

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