March Photo Challenge

For my March Photo Challenge, I asked my Facebook group to make suggestions. The one I went with was signs of spring. And initially, I was going to use one of my last posts to show you all the signs that I saw; the melting snow, the wet, muddy ground, and the dead grass.

But then, a few days later, I saw the ultimate sign of spring. At least it is in my neck of the woods.


I was sitting at my desk working on something when I happened to look out the window and saw a pair of robins in a tree. My day was made, but I didn’t go out with my camera. At least not initially. I watched them for a few minutes and eventually they flew away.

But then they came back. I took that as a sign to go out with my camera, so I did. By the time I made it to our front yard, the birds were gone. So I sat on the porch in the cold and waited for a few minutes. But it didn’t look like they were going to come back, so I decided to take a quick walk around the yard to see what else I might see.

I had just rounded the corner of our house when I saw the robin on the ground. So I zoomed my lens as far as it would go and took the shot. I didn’t want to get much closer to the bird and scare it away before I took the photo.

  • My March photo challenge was to photograph signs of spring. So I photographed a robin on the ground.

What are the signs of spring that you look forward to the most? Let me know in the comments below.

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