Bird Photography

We have a bird feeder in our backyard, so I’ve been attempting to photograph them for the past few months. They are pretty skittish, and my patience isn’t a virtue that I have, but I am still trying.

My favorite birds are cardinals, and we have at least one pair of them, if not more. And I want to get better photos than the ones I have. So far, I haven’t been so lucky.

However, I have captured a few other birds. I took this first shot over the weekend when it was 70* out. I sat by our bird feeder and tried to be as still as I could. It wasn’t my strong suit, and I didn’t wait for too long. We have a lot of these chickadees, so I’m planning on taking a lot more photos of them throughout the summer.

A small bird on a tree branch.
I captured this photo of a bird last weekend, and it is one of my favorites.

This bird was photographed several weeks ago when it was still quite chilly out. I don’t remember what I was originally out to photograph, but I’m glad I stopped to photograph this bird. I think it’s a woodpecker, but I’m not 100% sure about that. Either way, this little guy (or gal) is cute and I hope to see more of it. We do have woodpeckers in our yard, so if this isn’t one, I will have plenty of opportunities to photograph them too.

A bird on a tree.
I am really pleased with how this photo turned out.

Do you photograph birds? I’d love to see your photos. Please share them in the comments below. Also, do you have any tips for photographing them? Drop those below too.

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