Lake Superior Fail…Again

My last post was about how I failed to capture the sunrise on Lake Superior. Well, I had another fail when we went up to visit last month.

I wanted to go out for sunrise, but I was up way too late both nights we were up north, so it didn’t happen. Honestly, I didn’t really try. Sunrise wasn’t my main objection.

However, my Facebook group challenged me to photograph Lake Superior. Which was great. That it was either that or Lake Michigan since we were seeing both in the month of September.

On our way out of town, I asked my husband to stop at one of my usual spots to capture photos. I figured it would be a quick, snap a few shots and go. And in a way it was.

All of my camera batteries were dead. Well, mostly dead. I was able to take two photos before I ran into that disaster. And I wasn’t really happy with either one of them.

So, I resorted to my phone. And while it wasn’t ideal, and I felt like a fake, those photos worked out better than I thought they would.

  • Lake Superior

We’re going up to visit once more this year, so I’m hoping to have better results at sunrise. I’ll keep you posted.

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