30 Blog Posts of November 2022

Last year, I attempted to write 30 blog posts in the month of November. I made it about half way and then stopped. I’m debating trying it again to see if I can get further.

November is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and as a fiction writer, I’ve participated in it several times. I’m not quite ready to get back into fiction writing at the moment, as everything I attempt to make up seems forced. But I feel guilty for not at least trying to write in November.

I always tell myself that I’m not going to participate. And then a few days before November first, I change my mind and it’s a mad dash to think of a project. This year was no different. As November gets closer, I’m leaning more toward participating. I can never seem to ignore this month.

In addition to blog posts, I’m also considering writing up some new listings for my Etsy shop. I have plenty of greeting cards, postcards, and digital downloads that I haven’t added to my shop yet, so that needs to get done. And this way, I’ll be all set with the descriptions all typed up, and I won’t have much to do when I go to add them to my shop.

What are your thoughts? Should I attempt to blog 30 times in November? Or should I stick to my two posts a week? Feel free and also drop ideas for blog posts. We all know I’m going to need them.

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