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About a week and a half ago, my husband and I went to New York City for a few days to celebrate our anniversary. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be blogging about our trip. Initially, I was going to write two blog posts, but we packed a lot into those four days that we were there, so I decided to break this series up by each thing we did.

Air Travel

We left early Thursday morning. I booked us a 6 am flight, so we were both awake and out the door by 4:30. We made a quick stop at Kwik Trip for a coffee and breakfast, and then we drove in silence to the airport. The coffee hadn’t kicked in yet, and neither one of us is a morning person.

We made it through TSA by 5:15. It was surprisingly busy at that time of day. The airport in Appleton is small, so we found our gate easily and we waited to start boarding.

We were sitting for maybe 10 minutes when a fire alarm started going off. Both of us could have done without that noise, that early in the morning, but eventually, the workers figured it out. Thankfully, it wasn’t anything too serious. (As far as we could tell).

We finally boarded and headed to Chicago. As we were getting ready to land, I opened my window shade to see if there was anything to see. And I’m glad I did. We caught the sunrise from the airplane. By doing so, I crossed off a bucket list item: seeing the sunrise and sunset from the sky.

We landed in Chicago a little after 7 am, and we were both hungry so we found a place in the airport that had breakfast. Once we were satisfied, we found coffee and then our gate and we waited for our next flight into New York City.

Our flight to New York was uneventful, which is the best kind of flight, and we landed a little before 3 pm. After grabbing a quick bite at the airport, we went outside and waited for a cab.

Car Travel

Our cab driver was the nicest person in New York. He gave us all sorts of tips and told us things to avoid, and other fun facts about the city. And honestly, I wish I was more awake for the drive because I don’t remember hardly any of it. Before he dropped us off, he gave us his phone number and offered to pick us up again on Sunday to bring us back to the airport.

It was only a 17-mile drive from the airport to our hotel, but it took over an hour to get there. We aren’t used to all the traffic, and we caught it during rush hour. But we finally arrived at our hotel around 5 pm.

Shortly after we got settled in our hotel, we went for a walk. We walked through Times Square, past the New York Public Library, and to Grand Central Station. I’ll blog about those later in the series. But tomorrow, I’ll share with you our experience in Central Park.

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      • I don’t think you will! If you do it by site/event/location, then people can search by topic and your post might come up! I search that way to find out info for my vacations 😊

  1. I appreciate NYC for a couple reasons – sure the metro is kinda slow, especially whenever crossing one of the rivers is involved, but it is possible to experience everything one would want to experience without a car. Also, there are so many people that everyone is effectively invisible- I’m more of the type of person that finds that a comfortable existence.

    • We were able to make it around without a car, other than getting to and from the airport. We did a lot of walking, since we were both too chicken to attempt the subway. Maybe the next time we go we’ll be more comfortable trying it. We also felt the same way about feeling invisible due to the number of people there, which was ok with both of us.

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