Statue of Liberty

Not Going

When we were booking all of the sites we wanted to see, we found a boat tour that would take us under the Brooklyn Bridge and within 100 feet of the Statue of Liberty. For some reason, we decided that a 4:20 cruise was the way to go.

When we were looking at the time slot the day before we realized that we would have to walk quite a ways away back to our hotel in the dark. So we spent the better part of Friday trying to decide if we wanted to go.

Going After All

We made the decision not to go, but it was too late to cancel the booking. Which was ok.

After we finished at the Empire State Building, we decided to keep walking further from our hotel. We found lunch in the park, and then we stumbled upon a few shops I’ll discuss later. Once we were done in those shops we realized that we were about halfway to the pier we were supposed to meet at for the boat tour.

I checked to see when sunset was and it was due about an hour after we were scheduled to get back. My husband and I talked about it and decided that if we could get back to the park we ate lunch at by sunset we would be ok walking the rest of the way back in the dark.

I pulled up directions on my phone and it had us walking through a sketchy neighborhood, but we eventually made it to the pier. We had about an hour before the boat was going to leave, so we sat and enjoyed the sunshine and the view of the East River.

From the pier, we could see the Statue of Liberty. We walked along to the end so I could get a few photos.

The time we were supposed to meet was swiftly approaching and nothing was really going on. Some people asked the people running the tour what was going on, and my husband went to listen to the explanation.

Apparently, they were waiting for the coast guard to come and inspect the boat before we could go. They were already an hour late.

Not Going Again

My husband and I agreed to wait until 4 to see if anything happened. And it didn’t so we decided to walk back to our hotel. We were glad that we tried to go, even though it didn’t work out this time. And now we have a reason to go back. We would have regretted not trying.

Once we decided to head back, we walked back a different way through a better neighborhood. We made it most of the way back in the daylight since we left an hour earlier than we planned as well. Once we got back, we figured that we walked about 10 miles that day when you factor in the detours we made. And our legs and feet were feeling it.

Tomorrow I’ll post about our time in the New York Public Library.

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