My husband and I don’t usually shop while we’re on vacation. We might swing into a few gift shops, but we usually just look around and then leave. And while we did that this time, we also stopped in three additional shops to go shopping.

Harry Potter New York

We were on our way to the Statue of Liberty, my husband pointed to a building across the street from us. I looked and saw that it was the Harry Potter New York store. I immediately bargained with him to go inside with me.

Harry Potter New York.
The outside of Harry Potter New York.

We took one step inside and I started geeking out. I easily could have spent all day there. (And a lot more money too). My husband and I looked at all of the wands, checked out the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw sections, and went downstairs to look at the books.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take as many photos inside as I would have liked. There were way too many people, and I didn’t want to disrupt their experience. However, I did get one photo of the two of us in the phone booth.

The two of us inside the phone booth in Harry Potter New York.
This was the only photo I got of the inside of Harry Potter New York.

Once we had seen everything, twice, we took our purchases to get checked out. We met the second nicest person in New York. She had nothing but nice things to say about Hufflepuff even though she was a Ravenclaw like my husband. If we had had more time I would have liked to have gotten to know her better.

Leave a comment below with which house you’re in.

Strand Book Store

The advertisement that we saw in Central Park.
The advertisement we saw in Central Park.

When we were walking through Central Park, we saw an advertisement for Strand Book Store. It is a bookstore that boasts 18 miles of books. Neither one of us could resist that calling. We started on the main floor and got lost among the shelves. Then we explored the basement and second floor and enjoyed every minute of it.

I think if we didn’t have to carry the books back with us we would have tried harder to find a few. But we weren’t even halfway through our day.

Disney Store

The final shopping that we did was at the Disney Store. I just happened to see it while we were in Times Square on our last day. I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to go in for five minutes.

In the spring of 2021, I broke my favorite coffee cup, which I got at a Disney Store. It was of Tinker Bell, and we all know about my love for Peter Pan. Well, I figured if I was going to find a replacement, it would be here.

The only thing that we saw that was Peter Pan, was the artwork on the wall of him, Wendy, John, and Micheal flying over London. I was a little disappointed, but it was probably for the best that there wasn’t anything there.

The wall art of Peter Pan, Wendy, John, and Michael.
The only Peter Pan we saw in the Disney Store.

Those were the three shopping trips that we did while in New York City. Tomorrow, I’ll post about all the food we ate while we were there.

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