The Holidays are Coming

It’s almost officially the holidays. I know, don’t remind you. I honestly don’t want to think about it either. However, this is the first holiday season that I won’t be working in retail, and I am stoked! I’m hoping that I can actually get in the holiday spirit this year.

I also have at least one craft fair going on every that I’m available from now until the middle of December. (I’m still looking for one to two more for the weekend before Christmas if anyone knows of any).

So, I have a lot to do to get ready for them. Here’s my list:

  1. Clean out my car
  2. Find my holiday decorations
  3. Make more inventory

Clean out my Car

I am really bad at keeping my car clean. But I needed to clean it out so I could fit all of my stuff in there. My mom is also coming with me to two craft fairs, so I need the extra room for her and her stuff too.

Find my Holiday Decorations

I like to decorate my booth for the holidays. Last year I got a small tree and a gnome. I found my gnome, but I still need to find my tree. I think it’s in the basement. I also need to find my candy canes and make sure they haven’t expired. I don’t want to give out old candy to the kids.

Make More Inventory

I’m trying to bulk up my inventory so I can make it through the next two months without running out. (Although, I honestly wouldn’t mind if that happened). I do have quite a bit yet, so this isn’t as critical as the other two are.

I’m going to be adding more greeting cards and postcards to my inventory. I want to add a few more images for more variety. Early next year, I’ll blog about a few super secret projects that I’m experimenting with now. I just need to get a few more items to be able to make what I’m trying to make.

I’m also working on a few secret projects, that once I get figured out I’ll blog about.

These are the three things that I want to do to get ready for the holidays. I’ll keep you posted as I finish this to-do list.

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