I’m Thinking About Getting a Drone

I haven’t done any research other than looking at them for a few minutes at Best Buy while my husband was looking at something else. They don’t seem as expensive as I thought they were. And now I kind of want a drone.

I have an irrational fear of heights. Getting a drone wouldn’t stop that. But I would get the photos from that distance without having to go up in the air.

It would be cool to get photos of the sunrise and sunset from above the horizon. I would like to capture the fall color from a different perspective. I would love to get more photos like the one below.

I would like to get more drone photos like this one of the fall color from a fire tower in Mountain, Wisconsin.

It would also allow me to make TikToks. I would be able to get more of a variety of videos and photos.

Do you have one? Is it worth the expense? What are some other pros and cons of getting one? I need to do more research. 

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