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This past year has been rough on my social media posting schedule. It was mostly my fault, but there were a few factors beyond my control.

So, in order to avoid that problem again, I bought a planner to help schedule my posts. Each social media site that I’m on, has a different day that is better for posting. Although, I’ve seen different thoughts on what those days are. We’ll see how it goes after I’ve been consistent for a few months.

In addition to writing in my journal what site I’m going to post to, I’ve been writing the topic I want to discuss. So far, I’ve got my blog posts mostly planned and my Etsy listings through October. I just need to work on the other platforms that I’m on.

If I post on one site every day of the week, that will help with my online presence, and create more of an audience. I’m trying to utilize four in addition to my blog and Etsy shop. Those four are TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Although, I’m on the fence about Facebook right now. Comment below if you think I should stay on Facebook or ditch it.

Anyway, I’ve got two days dedicated to each platform right now, and I’m looking forward to getting into the habit of posting every day. In addition to my planner, I’ve been trying to use Hootsuite. I like it when I use it, but I could be better at using it.

I really should just dedicate one day to schedule my posts. Then I won’t have to worry too much about what day it is and what platform I’m posting to. Is that something you do? What day do you find works best for that?

What social media platforms are you on? Feel free and share your links below.

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