Craft Fair Blunder

I have another craft fair this weekend. This one is in Stratford, and the This and That Wisconsin Store. If you’re in the area, please stop by and say hello. Also, bring me coffee. I have to leave my house around 5 am on Saturday. It’s a two-day event, and too far away to go home Saturday night, so I’ll be staying overnight somewhere nearby.

I was starting to get ready for the trip, and I wanted to see if my room had a mini-fridge and microwave (because some don’t) so I could bring my dinner with me. And I can’t find my hotel reservation. I booked it in early October, and I can’t find the email.

I remember sitting at my kitchen table looking at it with my husband while dinner was cooking, and I remember picking a hotel. Apparently, I didn’t book it.

I’ve looked through both my emails and my credit card statements. I even tried looking at Google Maps, because I wanted to see how far it was from the event. Nothing. I finally texted him to see if he remembered the name of the hotel so I could search for that in my email. His memory is just as bad as mine is apparently.

At least my credit card wasn’t charged. Hopefully, it won’t be because I didn’t cancel the reservation. And now I get to book probably the same hotel again. They look cheaper than they were whenever I looked last. I’m so glad I thought to look. It would have been a nightmare on Saturday trying to find a place to stay.

Hopefully, this craft fair will go well, despite this blunder with booking a hotel. I’ll let you know when I get back.


I found the hotel I thought I booked, but I wasn’t 100% sure. So I called and checked. And I did book the room. So honestly, disregard this whole blog post.

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