State Parks in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is home to 66 state parks. And as a family, my husband and I have only been to five. And one of the five barely counts because we were only there for a few minutes. In the next couple of years, I would like to change that.

The five that we’ve been to include: Amnion Falls, Highcliff, Peninsula, Whitefish Dunes, and Newport.

I’m in a Facebook group about the Wisconsin State Parks, and it is lovely to see all the photos throughout the state. This group, was actually, part of the reason how I came up with this goal of visiting all the parks.

Below are the top three parks that I am trying to make a priority for 2023.

Copper Falls

I grew up about an hour away from this park, and I can honestly say that I’ve never been there. Which is unfortunate because I’ve heard good things. One of these days, we’re going to stop either on our way to or from my parents’ house.

Big Bay

This is another park that was about an hour away from where I grew up, which I have also never been to. I am a sucker for any park on Lake Superior, so I’m really excited to go here. My husband also wants to spend some time on Madeline Island, which is where this park is located.

Devil’s Lake

I have heard a lot of good things about this park from members of that Facebook group. It’s only about two hours away, so it would be perfect for a weekend getaway.

Governor Dodge

This is another park that I’ve heard good things about. It is also only about two hours away so also drivable, even for a day trip. The images on the internet look cool, and I can’t wait to take my own.

What other state parks should I make a priority? I’ll keep you all posted with every park that we go to in the upcoming months and years.

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