What I Love in Each Season

I love taking my camera out every chance I get. That’s why I became a photographer in the first place. And I am fortunate enough that I live in a place that experiences all four seasons, and that they are all drastically different. Here are the things that I love to photograph in each season.


In the spring, I enjoy photographing the trees before they grow their new leaves. It’s fun to explore when it’s starting to warm up after being cooped up inside all winter long. I look for every excuse to take out my sassy puddle boots instead of my boring winter ones.


During the summer months, I like to go on location scouting missions. That way, I’m prepared for sunrise and sunset. I don’t like to go to new places in the dark and have no idea what to expect. I also enjoy photographing flowers and tall grass. The sky is usually not very distracting from the grasses, so I can make them the focus. We tend to visit my parents more in the summer, so you could say my all-time favorite thing to photograph is Lake Superior.


I’m a basic white girl, and I’ll say I love photographing the fall color. The leaves that I don’t enjoy in the spring, become the main excitement in the fall. We also tend to travel more in the fall, so I take more photos of very different locations than what I usually get to see.


Call me crazy, but I prefer photographing sunrise in the winter. Even though it’s cold and snowy, sunrise isn’t as early in the winter. It’s also more cooperative than during the summer. I’m one of those people who likes to look at the snow. I think it’s pretty, and it beats looking at dead grass for six months.

What are your favorite things to photograph? I’d love to hear more about them in the comments below.

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