Income Opportunities

Yesterday, I posted about my seven-year plan and how I would blog about my income opportunities today. I am currently taking advantage of three, but I’m in the process of looking for more.

Craft Fairs

This year, I’ve attended many craft fairs. Maybe too many, as I’m peopled out. I enjoy going, but I don’t want to attend as many as I did this year. The problem is, this is my main source of income, so I’m hesitant to cut back. Especially, since I’m trying to increase my income over the next several years.


I’m not 100% sold on Etsy at the moment, but it’s all I have for an online store with a large amount of traffic. It might be mostly my fault that it isn’t going as well as I hope, and I have a plan in place for next year to hopefully get that going.


I have ads running on the blog, as you’ve probably seen. Sorry if it’s annoying. They’ve also been doing ok, given the size of my blog. I have a plan in place for this as well, which I’ll talk about early next year.

In the Future

I’m considering adding more items to my shop on this site. Maybe even revamping the site so the shop is easier to find. (I can’t find it half the time). Can you guys find my shop ok? Let me know below.

I also want to try running affiliate ads again. I don’t think I had enough followers when I tried it earlier. Once I hit a certain number I’m going to reach out to Amazon and maybe Target. Any other stores that you’d recommend?

What are your income opportunities? I’d love to hear your suggestions for things to try. I’ll keep you posted on the things I try.

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