A while back, it was suggested to me to photograph the barns in Shawano County Wisconsin. And I added that to my list of things to photograph eventually. Fast forward to November, and my Facebook Group challenged me to photograph barns. And I saw my opportunity to go up and see the big deal.

Turns out Shawano County is home to 350+ barn quilts. It is the barn quilt capital of the state of Wisconsin. Unfortunately, I didn’t capture any of those quilts this time around. But it’s only about an hour or so away, so we can and probably will go again.

My husband and I took the day after Thanksgiving off to run some errands. And photographing old barns was one of those errands. He chauffeured me around the farm country and pointed out barns that he thought looked cool.

I usually don’t like to photograph buildings. I feel weird photographing things that belong to people, so I usually don’t. But I made an exception for these. Photographing barns is the one thing that doesn’t bother me as much. Do you get that weird feeling? How do you overcome that?

The second image is my favorite of the four. Which image is your favorite?

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