What Do You Want to See

A few weeks ago, I posted that I had all of my social media posts scheduled for the next year. Well, I’ve also got all my blog posts figured out. That is if I post twice a week. But I wanted to get your thoughts. What do you want to see next year?

I’ve got a lot of photo shoots planned, that I’ll blog about, along with other bigger trips. I also have a lot of goals that I’ll share with you and keep you updated on my progress. I could also probably swing a few posts about tips and tricks that I use if that would be something of interest?

Do you want to see more posts, like three or four a week? Would you rather see longer posts? I could try and swing both. I could try and go into more detail about what I saw or did. Or are you more of a keep your posts short and sweet kind of person?

Do you have any suggestions for content? Do you want me to share fiction stories based on my images? Or do you like the main content that is going on right now? Do you want me to do monthly series? Like my black and white photo of the month posts that I only wrote two of? What are some of your ideas?

Comment below what you want to see. I look forward to reading all of your replies.

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