Final Craft Events of 2022

This upcoming weekend will be my last two craft events of 2022. My next one isn’t until the end of April 2023, and I’m planning on keeping it that way. I’ll be in Clintonville, WI on Saturday at Fire and Iron Gathering from 10-5, and then at the Grand Meridian in Appleton, WI from 10-2 on Sunday. If you’re in either area, stop by and say hello.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy going to craft events, and selling my products. But the winter months aren’t profitable for me. I think everyone is still recovering from the holidays. Which I get. I am also still recovering.

I don’t need to make anything for these last two events; unless Saturday’s event goes too well. Then I don’t know what I’m going to do. However, I might finish cutting my bookmarks. I have quite a few to get me by, so maybe I won’t. We’ll see how the next few days go.

Once these two are over, I’m going to take the next two weeks off to spend some time with the family. I’m still going to post online, but I need a break before I get into the swing of 2023. I do have some admin work to catch up on, so my accountant doesn’t get mad, but it shouldn’t take too long.

One of those admin items is to count my inventory. Which I need to do for my accountant, but I also want to do it for myself, to see what prints I need to order to get ready for next year. I have an Etsy shop that needs filling, and I want to have enough products for that and craft fairs later next spring.

What do you still need to do to wrap up 2022? Comment below and we can encourage each other to finish strong.

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