What I Learned in 2022

Quade Photography LLC has been in business since May of 2020, but due to my day job in those first years, I haven’t been able to devote as much time as I would have liked to grow. However, in 2022, I started a new day job, which freed up a lot of time for that growth. Here is what I learned in that time.

  1. Spring isn’t profitable to me. This past year, I tried and did at least one craft show every weekend I was available. And that wound up being too much. Especially in the first few months of the year. I think people were still in a holiday haze and weren’t ready to shop yet. Which is totally fine. I wasn’t ready to shop in those first few months either.
  2. I need to back up my files more often than never. Unfortunately, I learned this one the hard way in February when my computer died. Lesson learned. I’ve been pretty consistent with the backups
  3. How to run a business. I’m still working on this one, but I feel like I’ve learned a lot about running a business. There are a lot of things that aren’t fun, but they still need to be done in order to be successful.
  4. How to diversify my product line. I added three new products to my inventory this year, and I had to figure out how to make them. I watched a lot of YouTube and scoured Pinterest for help.

I’m sure there are more things that I learned this past year. I can’t wait to learn more next year. Later this week I’ll share with you what I want to learn in 2023.

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