Last Camera Date of 2022

Before our three-day blizzard was predicted, I planned on out on one last camera date at sunrise. Luckily for me, my weekday day off was toward the end of the month so I planned it for then.

But then the blizzard came and changed my plans. I didn’t really want to go out in that mess and risk going into the ditch for unnecessary travel. So, when my alarm went off, I stayed in bed for a while and thought about my options.

Eventually, I climbed out of bed and made coffee. While I was waiting, I looked out the window and saw the sun shining and no snow falling. I checked my phone and saw that it was -10 F. I bundled up in so many layers that I felt like Randy from a Christmas Story (I couldn’t put my arms down.)

Looking Out My Backdoor

After about 30 seconds outside, my glasses were so foggy because of the scarf, that I had to take them off in order to see. So, I walked around our backyard, without my glasses, hoping that the photos I took were in focus.

The wind was blowing the snow on my last camera date of 2022.
This is my favorite photo from my backyard. I hope it prints well.

I was outside for maybe half an hour before my eyelids kept sticking to themselves, so I decided it was time to go in and thaw out.

My Adventure at the Park

Later in the afternoon, I decided to go out again. My weather app said we weren’t supposed to get any more snow until 5 pm, so I bundled up again and went to the park around the block from my house.

Unfortunately, it started to snow just as I was backing out of my garage. I was already committed to going out, and I wasn’t terribly worried since I wasn’t going far.

I spent another 45 minutes outside walking through the park photographing the trees and the snow. While I was there, I made a few TikToks and played Pokemon Go.

several trees in the snow at the park.
A few trees at the park by our house.

I made it home safe and sound again around 3, and I waited for my camera to thaw out. I hope you enjoy the photos I took on my last camera date of 2022.

Have you gone out one last time with your camera? Please share your favorite photos below.

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  1. Nicole, that top photo with the sun is amazing! Absolutely beautiful! I’m going through my photos from our nature walk this afternoon. No snow here. In fact, we had absolutely fantastic weather!

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