Habits I Want to Create in 2023

I’ve spent a good deal of time the past couple of weeks talking about my goals for 2023. Now I want to talk about the habits I need to create in order to accomplish those goals. I’ve broken them up into three categories: daily, weekly, and monthly.

Daily Habits

  • Yoga. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m trying to get back into a daily yoga practice. I can say that it’s been two days.
  • Blog. I want to spend more time commenting on our blogs along with creating my own posts. So, I plan on spending at least a few minutes every day here.

Weekly Habits

  • Etsy. I need to spend a few minutes twice a week working on my Etsy shop.
  • Social Media. I want to spend two days a week scheduling my posts for Instagram and Pinterest. I’m so grateful that I’m able to schedule my posts, so I don’t have to try and remember to post every day.
  • Camera Date. I want to go out with my camera at least once a week. I know I’ve said this in the past and failed, but you know, maybe this year will be better. I should add those to my calendar.

Monthly Habits

  • Backup Files. I need to get better at backing up my files. I promised that I wouldn’t mention why again, so click here if you want to know.

Those are the six habits that I want to create in 2023. What habits are you hoping to create? Please share them below.

5 responses to “Habits I Want to Create in 2023”

  1. Backing up my personal computer files is one of my goals this year, too! I just bought a 5 terabyte external hard drive. I had just been backing stuff up on a thumbdrive. Best wishes on your new habits!

    • I have an external hard drive as well, but I need to take my old laptop to a local computer store to retrieve my files before I start filling up the hard drive with current images.

      • I feel your pain. My computer died right in the middle of a novel I was writing. I had to get the Geek Squad to retrieve the files. Hope they can do the same for your images!

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