Wellness Wednesday-January

My first floating blog post is going to be Wellness Wednesday. I need accountability and I figured that you guys could help me. I want to take time once a month to check in and see how I’m doing. I want to share my water intake, physical exercise, and mental health.

Water Intake

I’m trying to drink 30-40 ounces of water every day. So far today, I’m about halfway done. I also want to drink 10 of those ounces first thing in the morning. I don’t like to drink my morning coffee on an empty stomach, but 5 am is way too early to eat breakfast. I also read online (I know, right) that water first thing in the morning wakes up the organs. It sounds good, so I’m going to go with it.

Physical Exercise

A while back (actually, about this time last year) I posted about how I stay fit for photography. And that day was probably the last time I did anything. But this evening, I practiced yoga again. And once my muscles stop aching from the lack of activity, I’m going to be glad that I did. I also want to commit to riding my bike this summer.

Mental Health

I’ve been struggling with this for several years. Part of it was the day job, and part of it is that winter lasts eight months where we live. Well, I have a new day job so my anxiety is pretty much gone. And I’ve been taking extra Vitamin D in the winter. Which helps. But it’s not the same as the sun.

I’ve also decided to take Facebook off of my phone. I was sick of the mindless scroll whenever I had a few minutes and all the junk that was there. Now, whenever I want to kill time, I scroll through Instagram and see all the beautiful photos.

This is what I have planned for my Wellness Wednesday posts. What are your wellness goals? We can encourage each other.

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  1. I agree with the advice on drinking water in the morning. I do! And before bed, I read somewhere that can be beneficial. I think yoga would be good for me, but I don’t actually do it! And congrats for taking FB off your phone! Good move! 😊 For me, I’ve got my walking average at 4 miles per day so far this year! Yay!

    • Check out Yoga with Adrienne if you want to get into yoga. She is really good at explaining and demonstrating the poses. I’m jealous of your 4 miles of walking each day. I used to walk at least that much at my old job, but my mental health wasn’t worth it.

      • I will check out the yoga! I know if I’d really commit to it, it will help me. The older I get I need strength and balance. The daily walks kind of morphed through COVID. But now it is habit and I feel off kelter if I don’t get some sort of walk at least once a day.

  2. I too have heard that water in the morning wakes up and rehydrates organs. I know I need to start drinking more water earlier in the day. Today I walked two laps at the mall with my sister. It felt good to at least do something to get moving! I want to go back to my nightly exercise routine to help tone down the body fat and rebuild muscle. I think it’s great that you’re working on your overall health and fitness, Nichole! Keep working at those goals!

    • I’m glad you were able to walk the mall with your sister. I always whine about exercise, but once I’ve done it, I do feel better. I don’t really get the serotonin boost that people claim comes from exercise, but I never really regret the workout.

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