There was no Sun

Friday evening I checked my weather app to see what it was supposed to look like for sunrise on Saturday. It said that there would be no clouds, but the sun would be up. So, I set my alarm for 6:30 so I could go out and photograph it. I wasn’t anticipating the epic color that comes with the high clouds, but I was expecting something along the horizon. However, I was wrong. There was no sun.

Which was ok, other than waking up so early. Had I known that the sun wasn’t going to come out I would have waited until it warmed up a little bit. I went to my usual spot close to home, to capture the lighthouse and the bridge with the sun and the color.

There was no sun at sunrise, but I still made the best of it. The lighthouse and trees look eerie without it.
The lighthouse at Asylum Bay, on a gray, sunless day.

Before I photographed the bridge, I saw several people walk on the ice, and I tried to decide if I wanted to venture out myself. I watched the ice fishermen and women for a while. While I tried to decide, I even looked online to see if the ice was safe enough to go out on before I made a decision. I did eventually make it out a little ways to attempt to capture the bridge.

Unfortunately, the photos that I took of the bridge didn’t turn out the way I would have liked. I don’t like the background, but there was nothing I could really do about it. I thought about standing on the other side of the bridge, on the ice, but I wasn’t sure if the ice was thick enough and I didn’t want to risk it.

Once I had the obvious shots done. I took some time to capture the ice. I had been looking at the ice shoves the whole time I was there, and trying to find a way to photograph them.

Those are my first photos of 2023. And while there was no sun, I’m still glad that I was able to get out a few days ago. I’ll see you all again tomorrow when I revamp my black and white photo of the month series.

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  1. […] The old, brick lighthouse was no longer taller than the trees. They had dwarfed the lighthouse for years, eventually hindering its usefulness to boaters. The lighthouse was on a small island that was only accessible via a concrete bridge with red, iron handrails. […]

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