Black and White Photo of January

my black and white photo of January. This is a few branches of a tree stuck in the ice on the lake.
A couple of branches dipping in the frozen lake.

Here is my black and white photo of January. I captured it the other day when I was out for sunrise. I felt this image would look okay without color since there wasn’t much there, to begin with.

I have a thing for photographing trees in the lake. I especially enjoy the subject if the tree has fallen, or growing horizontally. This is my third or fourth time showing you guys that subject. Maybe I’ll compile all of those images for you guys when I need something to blog about in a month or two. Would you guys like to see them all? Or are you tired of the fallen trees?

Since there wasn’t much color that morning, I had a hard time choosing one image that would work for this series. I’m trying this new thing where I don’t share the same images with you guys over and over again. Which is why I intentionally didn’t share this one with you yesterday. Do you guys want to see more than one image in the future? Or should I just stick to one?

When I was in college and my first photography class, we spent the semester sharing our black-and-white photos. We weren’t allowed to turn in anything in color. And honestly, I kind of miss that, so i’m really looking forward to this series.

Do you have a black-and-white photo of January that you want to share? I’d love to see it.

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